WAGO – WAGO Founds Subsidiary WAGO Iberia in Spain


Expansion of presence in Spain


  • Dicomat business is integrated
  • Extended service offering
  • Continuity in customer service


The WAGO Group expands its business in Spain by establishing WAGO Iberia in the second half of 2024 incorporating the business operations of Dicomat, its long-term importer in Spain since 1980. With this step forward, WAGO is expanding its presence in Spain and unlocking new synergies for even more efficient solutions and an expanded range of services.


The new team in WAGO Iberia will offer continuity in customer service considering the transition of Dicomat members and will add new professionals expanding the current operations. Through this retention strategy, WAGO will secure its local expertise and maintain Dicomat’s established sales network. The connection to the internationally operating WAGO Group gives the local Spanish subsidiary access to all WAGO Group resources and WAGO’s global portfolio of products and services. In addition, custom solutions for their specific electrical interconnection, interface and automation technology needs will be jointly developed with customers and partners on-site.

For customers and partners, this relevant combination means the highest degree of continuity in support. They benefit from faster, personalized customer service, since larger sales and automation teams are available on-site for individual requirements. In order to find effective solutions to questions and problems, there will also be direct contact with international teams of specialists from the WAGO Group. WAGO Iberia will also handle logistics in the most optimized way for customers and partners.

“We are pleased to take this strategic step with our experienced local sales partner, Dicomat, and to jointly advance the successful development of WAGO in Spain. By bundling our expertise, we will provide our customers with even more individualized support and develop new business areas,” says CEO Heiner Lang.


“With the foundation of WAGO Iberia, we are getting close in completing our local presence in Europe and thriving to deliver superior services towards our customers. Iberia holds a great potential for WAGO and I am pleased to drive our success with further investments in a talented local team”, says Mehdi Sayar, VP Sales EMEA at WAGO.


Spain: A Key Market with High Growth Potential

Spain is a market for WAGO with growth potential, especially in the building, energy and industrial sectors. 

“WAGO is already an important player in innovative and reliable electrical interconnection, interface and automation technology products and solutions. We want to strengthen and expand this position further,” says Álvaro Mallol, General Manager Dicomat. “We are proud to continue our business activities together under the umbrella of WAGO Iberia in the second half of 2024 and to bring WAGO’s solutions, services and components even closer to our customers and prospects.”




EMR Analysis

More information on WAGO: https://www.wago.com/ + The WAGO Group is an international, standard-setting supplier of electrical interconnection and automation products and interface electronics. The family-run company is the world market leader in spring pressure connection technology. 

WAGO has continued to grow since being founded in 1951, with a current worldwide workforce of about 8.600, with more than 4.000 of these in Germany at its headquarters in Minden (North Rhine-Westphalia) and in Sondershausen (Thuringia). 

WAGO products are used globally in power and process technology, building automation, machinery and equipment, as well as industrial and transportation applications. They are trusted anywhere electrical conductors must be connected to each other or where complex automation systems must be controlled. Here they have continuously been proven to contribute to safety and the reliable operation of devices and complete installations.

More information on Dr. Heiner Lang (Chief Executive Officer, WAGO): See the full profile on EMR Executive Services

More information on Mehdi Sayar (Vice President, Sales EMEA, WAGO): See the full profile on EMR Executive Services

More information on Dicomat by WAGO (WAGO Iberia): https://www.dicomat.com/ + Dicomat, founded in 1980, is the exclusive commercial representative for Spain of the German multinational WAGO Kontakttechnik GmbH.

In addition to the main office and warehouse with 2,000m² located in Alcobendas, Dicomat has a commercial delegation with technical support for automation projects in Barcelona, ​​Bilbao, San Sebastián, Segovia, Seville and Vigo.

Our professionals act aligned with WAGO’s commercial strategy, serving clients in person throughout Spain (Peninsula, Balearic Islands and Canary Islands).

Collaborating exclusively with WAGO, Dicomat focuses its activity on the manufacturing of components for Industry 4.0 and Processes, as well as for Intelligent and Zero Energy Buildings.

We manufacture components for industrial automation projects, processes and smart buildings, as well as for electrical connections, in panels, industrial electronics, lighting and electrical installations.

As are the rail terminals from 0.14 to 185mm²; PCB terminals and connectors for soldering THR, SMD…up to 16mm², quick installation in Winsta and 222/221 buildings; relays; Industrial PCs; PLC; I/OE/S, HMI, Power Supplies; Electronic Fuses; Switches and Signal Converters…

Advanced technical support from each local office for industrial, process and building automation.

Product customization: assembly of terminal strips, colored PCB strips, terminals, markers, labels…

Training of technologies for automation in industry (production lines and processes, industrial machinery…) and buildings (energy measurement and control, home automation, lighting control for energy efficiency), CoDeSys, e!Cockpit, integration of different field buses…

The quality of Wago components and Dicomat’s Passion for Excellence in Spain is the best business card of our activity since 1980. Wago and Dicomat offer innovative solutions and components.

More information on Álvaro Mallol (General Manager, Dicomat (WAGO Iberia), WAGO): See the full profile on EMR Executive Services