EMR - The electrical source

Advantage through knowledge

EMR Euro Marketing + Research is a service provider specializing in the international electrical industry.
For many years EMR has provided analysis, transactions and strategy consultation for the worldwide electrical industry. This has given rise to a wide range of services for companies operating in and around the industry (manufactures, wholesalers and institutions).

EMR's surveys at a glance

The EMR surveys guide you safely through the ever-growing maze of structures and interdependencies of the international electrical wholesale trade.

Trends and background information, strategies and organisations - "who's who" and "who is with whom"; the inside knowledge we offer you is right up-to-date and above all sound, helping you to set your own course to success.

electro-insider - The trade newsletter from EMR

The international electrical industry is changing at breath-taking speed. Takeovers, sales, business stakes, new names, international, world-wide interdependencies, new deals and interesting developments are being reported nearly every week.
Anyone who operates in the electrical industry needs comprehensive information and must stay in the picture.