Farnell (Avnet) – element14 launches global campaign to save bees

element14 partners with organizations worldwide to support beekeepers and bee programs through adopting three million bees in the next 12 months


element14 has launched a new campaign aimed at saving bees globally, recognizing the critical role that the insects play in maintaining biodiversity and pollinating plants that provide crops.

Partnering with organizations across the world, the year-long program will support three organizations:

  • The World Bee Project – In addition to protecting native bees in the UK, element14 will empower tribal women in India to learn beekeeping and to harness those skills to make a living using sustainable practices.
  • Planet Bee – In the US, element14 will launch a Bee Heroes grant to support selected beekeepers, individuals and organizations that strive to improve their environment and supporting communities by focusing on the areas of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM), and increasing diversity in agriculture and technology fields.
  • 3Bee – Through adopting six beehives across Europe, element14 will demonstrate how technology is helping to improve in-hive conditions as the 3Bee app monitors metrics such as humidity, temperature and other key conditions.

element14 has also committed to adopting a bee every time an order is placed from anywhere in the world as the company aims to fulfill its mission to adopt three million bees worldwide during the next 12 months.

Bees are pollinators, and pollinators are at the heart of the relationships that bind the natural and human worlds,” said Sabiha Malik, Founder, The World Bee Project CIC. ”Without pollinators, we wouldn’t have any flowering plants and, therefore, no nutritious food crops to feed ourselves; without plants, we wouldn’t have clean air to breathe, and we wouldn’t have healthy soil for agriculture to thrive. That’s not all. Biodiversity would decline dramatically, and our natural environments would be degraded beyond recognition. Life as we know it would end. I founded The World Bee Project because we must all get together and protect bees to protect life itself. “


“We believe that it’s our responsibility to take action and help support bees, which play such a vital role in our ecosystem and global food supply, with one in three spoonfuls of food consumed globally originating as a result of bee pollination,” said Gosia Szemel, Farnell Global Director for Brand. “By supporting element14’s cause, customers across the globe will be contributing to the preservation of the world’s buzziest little helpers and every order placed is a commitment to support the life of a bee.”


In 2022, element14 partnered with charity NearBees to sponsor five beehives in Germany that are home to more than 250,000 bees. Additionally, element14 launched the ‘Save the Bees’ Design Challenge with its element14 Community, which encouraged engineers to save the day for bees using hardware and tech.

For more information, please visit: https://in.element14.com/save-the-bees.

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More information on Avnet: https://www.avnet.com/wps/portal/emea/ + Delivering what’s next.

Avnet (AVT) is a FORTUNE 500 company that creates value for our stockholders by helping more than 2.1 million customers and 1,400+ suppliers in 125 countries around the world navigate each phase of the product innovation and technology lifecycle. The company has always been known for its knowledge, experience and global reach. Today, through strategic investments and acquisitions, we have dramatically expanded our technology customer base, along with our design and development footprint.

Avnet’s deep expertise and heritage in large volume broad line distribution is now enhanced with added specialization in product idea and design, along with a greatly expanded online community, supporting resources and commerce offerings. This dramatically improves our ability to engage engineers and entrepreneurs alike at the earliest stages of the innovation and product lifecycle. And because we support every stage of that lifecycle, Avnet is uniquely positioned to help anyone – from the largest of multinationals to the smallest of start-ups – to move swiftly and seamlessly from idea and product concept to volume production.

  • Founded: 1921
  • Employees: 15,300
  • Company locations: 300+
  • Customers: 1M+
  • Countries: 140
  • Revenues FY22: US$ 24.3bn – Farnell: US$ 1.8bn
    • Electronic Components: 93%
    • Farnell: 7%

More information on Phil Gallagher (Chief Executive Officer, Avnet): See the full profile on EMR Executive Services

More information on Farnell (acquired by Avnet in 2016): https://www.farnell.com/ + Your global partner, supporting the technology community at every stage. Farnell has operations in 38 countries across Europe, serviced from our regional distribution hubs in the UK and Belgium. We are committed to supporting local language, product and shipment needs. As part of Farnell’s global operations, our access to stock and stronger relationships with suppliers, we are better able to serve your needs.

  • Regional Brands:
    • Farnellhttps://www.farnell.com/emea/ + Farnell operates across EMEA and is a high-service distributor of technology products, services and solutions for electronic system design, maintenance and repair.
    • Newarkhttps://www.farnell.com/newark/ + Farnell operates as Newark in North America. Newark is a high-service distributor of technology products, services and solutions for electronic system design, maintenance and repair.
    • element14https://www.farnell.com/element14/ + Farnell operates as element14 across Asia Pacific. element14 is a high-service distributor of technology products, services and solutions for electronic system design, maintenance and repair.
  • Brands: 2,000
  • Products: 950,000
  • Countries: 38
  • Customers: 400,000

More information on Chris Breslin (President, Farnell, Avnet): See the full profile on EMR Executive Services

More information on Dianne Kibbey (Global Head of Community and Social Media for the element14 Community, Avnet): See the full profile on EMR Executive Services

More information on Gosia Szemel (Farnell Global Director for Brand, Avnet): See the full profile on EMR Executive Services


More information on World Bee Project: https://worldbeeproject.org/ + The World Bee Project CIC is the first private initiative in the world that uses AI and advanced technologies to monitor pollinator and biodiversity declines from a global perspective to help find long-term solutions to benefit both nature and people, not one at the cost of the other. The World Bee Project adaptively co-designs and co-implements solutions, focussing on the interconnections between bees and people in the context of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

More information on Sabiha Rumani Malik (Founder & Executive President): https://worldbeeproject.org/people/


More information on Planet Bee: https://planetbee.com/ + Our hardworking honey bees are never far from the store – we keep a handful of beehives on-site for guests to view, and our remaining hives enjoy a large tract of farmland just down the road! We produce a selection of local honeys from our very own hives and compliment these with honeys sourced from other passionate beekeepers – curating Western Canada’s largest selection of raw, pure honey bottled & labelled by hand, in-house at our Vernon B.C storefront. Every visit to Planet Bee includes a chance to witness honey bees up close, stroll our bee-friendly gardens, and taste honey & mead – all free of charge.


More information on 3Bee: https://www.3bee.com/en/ + 3Bee is the Italian leader company in the biodiversity sector, founded in 2016 by Niccolò Calandri and Riccardo Balzaretti. The company works daily to protect bees through AI technology and improve biodiversity by means of ESG and CSR projects. With 3Bee proprietary technology, i.e. Hive-Tech, and Big Data analysis, the Italian company allows beekeepers to decrease the bees mortality rate and benefit from constant decision-making support.

More information on Niccolò Calandri (CEO, 3Bee): https://blog.3bee.com/3Bee-international/




EMR Additional Notes:

  • STEM Education:
    • STEM Education, at its core, simply means educating students in four specific disciplines, namely, Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (collectively shortened as STEM).
    • Instead of training students in any one of these domains, STEM combines all four in an interdisciplinary and applied approach, to better equip students to have a career and consider real-world applications.
    • Its recent successor,STEAM, also incorporates the arts, which have the ability to expand the limits of STEM education and application.