Sonepar – Welcome, Billows Electric Supply !

Welcome, Billows Electric Supply ! 


A family-owned business since 1950, Billows Electric offers a full line of electrical products and services and operates in the Philadelphia, South Jersey and Wilmington metropolitan markets. Billows Electric will be joining our Sonepar USA and Cooper family with 19 branch locations.

 David Cooper, President of Cooper Electric, said of the acquisition: “Billows has an outstanding reputation in the marketplace, and we’re thrilled their experienced associates will be joining our network.”


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Pictured (left to right): David Cooper, Jeff Billow, and Alan Rosenfeld.


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More information on Sonepar USA: + Sonepar USA is an independent, family-owned company with global market leadership in the B-to-B distribution of electrical, industrial and safety products, services and solutions. We are a proud member of the Sonepar Group, the world’s largest privately held electrical distributor. Sonepar entered the US in 1998 and has continued to grow due to strategic acquisitions and organic growth. Today, Sonepar USA is represented by 14 locally managed operating companies with over 700 locations nationwide.

Key Figures:

  • $12.1B US Sales in 2022
  • 15 Distribution Centers
  • 450+ Branches
  • 50 States Served
  • 10,000+ Associates
  • 110,000+ Customers

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EMR additional information on Sonepar USA:

  • Capital Electric: + From Pennsylvania to Georgia, Capital Electric provides excellent service as your electrical distributor of choice.
    • Capital Electric provides electrical products, lighting, and services to contractors, builders, and end-users throughout Maryland, Virginia, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina and Georgia. We have over 70 locations from Mechanicsburg, PA to Savannah, GA. In addition, we have a 220,000 square foot headquarters and CDC in Upper Marlboro, Maryland.
    • Our mission is to be The Electrical Distributor of Choice™. We offer an upgraded delivery fleet, state-of-the-art distribution network, increased local inventory, and an expanded customer education program.
    • We also offer On-site Inventory Management, Project Management and Lighting Design and Wire Management Services. Add to this commercial project management, lighting solutions & services, and warehousing & logistics support.
    • Most important are our nearly 1,000 associates who pride themselves on providing reliable and superior customer service before and after the sale. We strive to make Capital Electric a great place to work so we can attract, grow, and retain extraordinary people. We are proud to have you as part of the Capital Electric family. We will always strive to be your Electrical Distributor of Choice™.
    • More information on Drew Esce (President, Capital Electric, Sonepar): See full profile on EMR Executive Services
      • Butler’s Electric Supply: + Supplying the Carolinas with Electrical and Lighting since 1948.
        • In 1948, J.P Butler and Marie Butler opened the first of our supply and lighting showrooms in the small town of Whiteville, North Carolina. Their business philosophy grew from the warm and welcoming sense of southern hospitality that the South has become known for.
        • More than sixty years later Butler’s Electric Supply has grown to include several locations throughout the Carolinas.
        • When you shop with Butler’s Electric Supply you know that your order is backed by the Butler family name. As those who have done business with us before will tell you, that means the highest level of service and quality.
        • Anyone who’s been in and around the Wilmington area has heard of Butler’s Electric Supply. After all, the business has a decades-long history in the Cape Fear region.  Since 1969, the local store has been in the same site, but has expanded four times. The latest expansion took place three years ago and now the once modest-sized building has the largest lighting showroom and most impressive inventory in the area. Butler’s Electric has more than 2,000 fixtures on display at 2013 Castle St., a fleet of six trucks ready to make deliveries, a knowledgeable and friendly staff as well as a full service electrical counter with over 100 years of experience to help with any of your electrical needs.
        • Mr. Butler and his son have launched two other websites, which showcases the lighting inventory they have available for online sales for North America and which is for the local area in and around Wilmington. So far, more than 300,000 pieces are online. The idea is not only for customer convenience, but also as a tool for builders, architects, designers and homeowners who want to share photos and ideas for their projects.
        • The acquisition is expected to close at the end of May 2022.
  • Codale: + Codale Electric has been proudly serving the industrial, commercial, residential, institutional, utility, and lighting industries since 1975.
    • Founded in 1975 by Dale P. Holt, Codale Electric Supply started with only five employees before becoming one of the most innovative and fastest-growing electrical supply distributors in the nation.
    • Today, we are headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah and currently have thirteen branch locations in the western United States. Even though we have quite a presence in Utah, Nevada, and Wyoming, we’ve declared that we will not rest until we can help provide contractors throughout the nation with the supplies that they need. Throughout the years we’ve learned that in order for a business to thrive, it takes strategy and evolution.
    • In August of 2012, we decided to take the next step in our growth: we signed an agreement to join the Sonepar USA group, a true leader in business to business distribution of electrical products and related solutions. By teaming up with a company that shared the same passion as our employees and the same core values of our company—being a customer-focused organization—we were able to gain an even stronger presence in the markets we serve, while staying true to our customers, suppliers, and people. Though we are no longer a privately held company, our vision is the same: through our commitment to excellence, we strive to become the best electric supply distributor with the best service.
    • At Codale Electric Supply, we serve a large variety of markets. Not only do we have all of the supplies needed for electrical construction and maintenance businesses, as well as the products and services that fit the unique requirements of larger industries, but we make sure to go the extra mile. No matter how small or large scale your project is, we have the products needed for you to reach a sure and smooth completion. Our massive inventory is equipped with all of the copper telephone cables and equipment needed for DataComm and OSP, as well as complex wiring solutions. We have many services that benefit the healthcare and educational industries. We are a leading supporter for city, county, state, and federal government agencies, and we’re a leader in the utility market. If you’re interested in going green, we have eco-friendly products and solutions. We also carry all of the latest advancements in the lighting industry, a wide range of safety products for electrical construction, including equipment and workwear, and tools that you’ll need for general maintenance.
    • More information on Todd Saunders (President, Codale Electric Supply, Sonepar): See full profile on EMR Executive Services
      • NEDCO Supply: + Nedco Supply is a full-line distributor of electrical products and services to its residential and commercial customers throughout southern Nevada.
        • NEDCO Supply is proud to be the leading supplier of electrical supplies, lighting and distribution equipment, data/communications, CCTV, and audio-video products for the Las Vegas Valley and surrounding areas. We have been committed to assisting our customers business growth, and in the process, we have grown ourselves. Now servicing accounts worldwide…
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        • More information on Marc Winard (Principal, NEDCO Supply, Sonepar): See the full profile on EMR Executive Services
  • Cooper Electric: + Cooper Electric delivers supplies, services, and solutions to the commercial and contractor markets in New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania.
    • Established in 1961 as a family owned business, Cooper Electric has serviced the New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania markets for over 60 years.
    • Over the years, Cooper has grown to over 1,000 employees in 53 branch locations through the successful acquisitions of Friedman Electric Supply in Northeast/Central PA, and City Electric in Upstate NY. Today, Cooper Electric is a full-service electrical distributor, serving many different segments including electrical contractors, industrials, OEM, utilities, residential, and solar. Additionally, Cooper Electric has many specialized department experts, making sure complete customer satisfaction is always our #1 goal.
    • Currently, Cooper has over 1,000,000 sq. ft. throughout our existing branch locations, and we are excited to add a state of the art, automated 600,000 sq. ft. central distribution center in 2021. The automation of our central distribution center well positions Cooper Electric to continue to bring a high level of service and value to you, our customers, well into the future.
    • More information on David Cooper (President, Cooper Electric Supply, Sonepar): See full profile on EMR Executive Services
      • Billows Electric Supply:
        • When Simon and Lillian Billow first opened the doors of Billows Electric Supply in 1950, little did they realize what they had begun. They set out simply with one goal… “Satisfy the customer.” And Billows has been doing it for more than half a century.
        • Today, Billows Electric Supply is 285 employees strong with 20 locations servicing the full spectrum of residential & commercial electrical needs, switchgear and lighting. Jeff Billow credits his employees for the success of the business. “The Billows Story” can be told if we credit the real members of our team who made us a success – our employees. They are the basis of our business and we would not be here without them.
        • As for the customers, they are afforded the continued respect instituted long ago by Simon and Lillian. “Our conviction that the customer must be satisfied has helped us grow each and every year,” says Jeff Billow. “There is no substitute for hard work and customer attention. We make it clear that we care.”
        • The echo of Simon’s words, spoken so long ago, seems to reverberate behind every Billows transaction. “Never forget where you started.”
        • More information on Jeff Billows (President, Billows Electric Supply, Sonepar): See full profile on EMR Executive Services
  • Crawford: + Crawford Electric provides exceptional service and innovative solutions in electrical distribution across Texas and Louisiana.
    • Crawford Electric is more than a distributor. We are a solutions provider that supplies industry professionals with the tools and equipment needed to power the community. Established in 1990 and headquartered in Houston with branches across Texas and Louisiana, Crawford has grown to become a trusted business partner. Crawford works to foster a culture focused on associate development. Presented with opportunity, associates are driven to solve our customer’s greatest obstacles. The Crawford team is dedicated to serving customers in all markets from residential to industrial and our specialized experts on the Solutions team are leading innovation from within fueled by saving customer’s time, space and labor.
    • More information on Mike Dumas (President, Crawford, Sonepar): See full profile on EMR Executive Services
  • Independent Electric (IES): + Independent Electric provides exceptional service and innovative solutions in electrical distribution in Northern California and Arizona.
    • Independent Electric opened in 1976 with ten employees to serve electrical contractors working in the high-tech aerospace industry. Today, Independent Electric operates 12 electrical supply branches in Northern California and 7 branches in Arizona. All of our branches maintain local inventory which is supported by our two Central Distribution Centers. Our 200,000 square foot CDC in San Leandro, CA  and our 135,000 square foot CDC in Phoenix, AZ replenishes the branch inventories daily as well as performing customer deliveries to your required destinations.
    • Our focus is to serve the electrical construction market with dedicated associates specializing in lighting, switchgear, wire management, tool & safety, renewable energy, and enhanced logistics solutions to meet and exceed our customer’s specific needs.
    • In addition, we operate two specialty divisions— Independent Power Systems (IPS) with offices in Sacramento, Westminster, and San Diego, and Independent Utility Supply (IUS) with full line branches located in West Sacramento and Tracy.
    • IPS supplies switchgear, transformers, substations and related products to the commercial and industrial markets, offering complete design/build services and expert project management.
    • IUS provides the utility contractor with complete material packages for both electrical and gas projects, specializing in underground distribution line extensions and upgrades as well as street lighting projects.
    • With over 40 years of experience and employing more than 500 associates, Independent Electric has proven to be the leading source for electrical material in the markets we serve.
    • In August 2011, Independent Electric was acquired by Sonepar USA, a division of the privately held Sonepar Group.
    • More information on David Jones (President, Independent Electric (IES), Sonepar): See full profile on EMR Executive Services
  • Irby: + Irby has been serving commercial, contractor, industrial, and utility markets with high-value electrical solutions since 1926.
    • Building profitable partnerships since 1926. In the earliest days of the electrical age, a young company set out with the vision of helping build the infrastructure that would bring electricity to the rural South. That company was Irby.
    • Today, Irby is setting out with a new vision: to change the role of the electrical distributor from that of a bid-based provider of electrical products to that of a high-value partner, providing total electrical solutions.
    • An Irby relationship is all about giving customers the greatest long-term value. We focus on providing the lowest overall cost of doing business, not just the lowest price on a particular product. Clearly, a high-value relationship with Irby will save you more than low-bid relationships with multiple vendors.
    • As your supply chain partner, we arm you with the technological and human resources you need to make your supply chain more efficient. Our team works with your team on a daily basis to help you solve problems and achieve goals. This team approach has helped Irby customers to succeed since 1926. And we can do the same for you today.
    • More information on David Jones (President – Commercial & Industrial, Irby, Sonepar): See full profile on EMR Executive Services
  • North Coast: + North Coast serves the contractor, automation, and industrial MRO markets across Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Alaska, and Arizona.
    • North Coast provides electrical products, lighting, and services to contractors, builders, and end-users with over 40 locations throughout Washington, Oregon, Alaska, Montana, Idaho and Arizona. We offer an upgraded delivery fleet, state-of-the-art distribution network, increased local inventory, and an expanded customer education program. We also offer on-site Inventory Management, Project Management, Lighting Design, Wire Management Services, as well as many other warehousing and logistics support.
    • We commit to enhancing our internal procedures by gathering data, evaluating outcomes, and making improvements. As a result, North Coast becomes a better business, making it a more valuable business partner.
    • Most important are our nearly 1,000 Associates who pride themselves on providing reliable and superior customer service before and after the sale. We strive to make North Coast a great place to work so we can attract, grow and retain extraordinary people.
    • More information on Cory McCulloch (President, North Coast, Sonepar): See full profile on EMR Executive Services
  • NorthEast Electrical (Needco): + NorthEast Electrical powers your New England business with electrical products, services, and solutions.
    • Based on integrity, expertise, and commitment, we deliver electrical products and technical solutions for the sustainable success of our customers, employees, and suppliers.
    • NorthEast Electrical is a full-service electrical distributor that provides electrical products and services to electrical contractors, Industrial, OEM, Utility, and Institutional customers. The company operates more than 30 strategically located branch locations throughout the six New England States that are dedicated to providing exceptional customer service to their customers. Since 1998, NorthEast has been a subsidiary of Sonepar USA.
    • More information on Frank Marandino (President, NorthEast Electrical (Needco), Sonepar): See full profile on EMR Executive Services
      • Rockingham Electrical Supply Co.: + Rockingham Electric offers a full line of electrical products and services to its customers in Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Maine.
        • Serving electricians, general contractors, business owners, and homeowners in Maine, New Hampshire, and Massachusetts, Rockingham Electric is Northern New England’s premier
          source for your electrical supply needs.
        • As a third-generation, family-owned, full-service electrical supply, Rockingham Electrical Supply Company boasts a proud tradition of professionalism, experience and capability. It’s our brand and how we take care of our customers. The skilled team at Rockingham Electric prides itself on selling quality, well-known products and bringing value to our customers; including residential, commercial or industrial customers, electrical contractors, builders or homeowners. Whether the project is a new construction, retrofit, renovation or upgrade, our priority is delivering expert solutions to our customers every time they step foot in one of our ten locations.
        • Operating in Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Maine, Rockingham Electrical joins Sonepar with 10 branch locations and over 100 associates.
        • More information on Jim Pender Sr. (President, Rockingham Electrical Supply Co., Sonepar): See full profile on EMR Executive Services
  • OneSource: + OneSource offers centralized distribution and support services across California, Arizona, Hawaii, and Mexico.
    • OneSource is an electrical and industrial distributor with 19 locations across California, Arizona, Hawaii, and Baja California, Mexico. The company serves the commercial, residential, utility, contractor, and industrial markets and is an operating company of Sonepar, an independent family-owned company with global leadership in B-to-B distribution of electrical products, solutions, and related services.
    • More information on Matt Weber (President, OneSource, Sonepar): See full profile on EMR Executive Services
  • Professional Electric Products Co., Inc. (PEPCO): + Pepco, a premier electrical solutions distributor and packager in Ohio, meets the needs of its customers by providing them with a full line of quality products and expert services.
    • Pepco, a premier electrical solutions distributor and packager, meets the needs of its customers by providing them with a full line of quality products, support personnel, and expert services.
    • We offer complete solutions for all of our customers’ electrical needs. Our service-oriented professionals and engineers are equipped to create customized solutions designed to meet our clients’ individual demands.
    • We are fully committed to supporting our clients at every level of their business, through any stage of any project. From design and support, to successful implementation, we are committed to your business’s success.
    • With thousands of products from over 200 of the industry’s top manufacturers; we are your complete source for electrical solutions.
    • Consistently ranked as one of the top 60 electrical distributors in the United States by tED Magazine, Pepco is uniquely positioned to bring value-added services and cost efficiencies to assist its customers with power distribution, utility/ high voltage, industrial/automation, data/communications, lighting, safety/tools, and national power & utility packaging products and solutions.
    • A family-owned business headquartered in Eastlake, Ohio, since 1968, PEPCO will add 10 branch locations and 190 associates in Ohio and Pennsylvania to the Sonepar network in the United States. PEPCO had a to record sales revenues of over $300 million for 2022.
    • More information on Jeffrey Borkey (President, Professional Electric Products Co., Inc. (PEPCO), Sonepar): See full profile on EMR Executive Services
  • QED: + QED provides solutions to the residential, commercial, and industrial markets in Colorado, Arizona, Nevada, and North Dakota.
    • We’re Still About Quality. In 1987, Quality Electrical Distribution was founded in Denver, Colorado to provide quality electrical products and services.
    • Today, QED is a regional electrical distributor serving residential and commercial contractors, industrial facilities, and OEM businesses. We’re one of the nation’s top 50 wholesalers of electrical supplies, operating more than 12 branches in Arizona, Colorado, Nevada, and employing more than 280 associates.
    • Just as in our first year, we have an unwavering dedication to quality – from the products we supply to the excellent design skills and deep product knowledge of our staff.
    • And, to keep our customers’ businesses running smoothly, we’re focused on maintaining an operationally flawless environment.
    • More information on Scott Jansen (President, Quality Electric Distribution (QED), Sonepar): See full profile on EMR Executive Services
  • Richards Electric Supply Company Inc.: + Richards Electric Supply has been helping its customers power homes, businesses and cities by supplying quality electrical products and exceptional customer service ever since Richard Misrach opened the company’s doors in 1937.
    • Over eighty years later, Richard’s maintains the same customer-focused values with an increased emphasis on technology, innovation and solution-oriented service. These, paired with one of the most extensive product inventories in the Midwest, top-notch logistical services and a knowledgeable sales staff, make Richards Electric one of the premier companies in its industry.
    • A family-owned business headquartered in Cincinnati, OH, since 1937, Richards Electric added four branch locations and 150 associates to the Sonepar network. Richards Electric had a record sales in excess of $125M for 2021.
    • More information on Mike Misrach (President, Richards Electric Supply Company Inc., Sonepar): See the full profile on EMR Executive Services
  • Springfield Electric Supply: + Springfield Electric offers a full line of products and services to electrical contractor and commercial accounts operating in Illinois, Indiana, Missouri, and Iowa.
    • It’s not only our mission, it’s the way we promise to conduct business. We know there are many places you can purchase electrical supplies. Our goal is to achieve and maintain that one degree of separation. Simply stated, we intend to be the best supplier in the markets we serve with the products we represent. We know our continued growth only comes by meeting or exceeding your expectations.
    • We take great pride in our nearly 400 dedicated associates. Knowledgeable and experienced, our associates are equipped with the most current technology available to give you quick, informed, and accurate responses.
    • For almost a century, Springfield Electric has focused on providing value to each customer throughout the electrical supply chain. The company has strategically expanded to include distribution centers through-out the Midwest to better serve all customers- locally and internationally. Today, Springfield Electric strives to continue the legacy of delivering exceptional customer service and value to the markets we serve.
    • More information on Chris Scarbrough (CEO, Springfield Electric Supply, Sonepar): See the full profile on EMR Executive Services
      • HOLT Electrical Supply: + Holt Electrical is a full-line distributor of electrical products and services to its residential and commercial customers across the state of Missouri.
        • A privately-owned business since 1962, HOLT Electrical Supply is a full-line distributor of electrical products and services to its residential and commercial customers. Headquartered in St. Louis, MO, with 80 associates and eight total locations spanning the state of Missouri, this acquisition springboards Springfield into one of its key strategic growth markets. HOLT had record sales revenue of approximately $75 million for 2022.
        • More information on Sylvan Holtzman (Owner, HOLT Electrical Supply): See the full profile on EMR Executive Services
        • More information on Ryan Holtzman (Co-owner and CEO, HOLT Electrical Supply): See the full profile on EMR Executive Services
  • Viking Electric: + Viking Electric is your indispensable electrical supply chain partner, serving the Upper Midwest.
    • Viking Electric was founded in 1964 in St. Paul, Minnesota as a family-owned electrical distributor with 7,000-square-feet of warehouse space and a mission to be a leader in the electrical distribution industry.
    • Today, Viking Electric has grown to 22 locations across Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Chicago. Our focus has moved beyond our core identity as an electrical distributor, to delivering exceptional services and logistical solutions for our customers. Viking Electric’s customers include residential and commercial electrical contractors, as well as the industrial market.
    • Viking Electric is part of the Sonepar Group, an independent family-owned company with global market leadership in B-to-B distribution of electrical products, solutions and related services. Through a dense network of 100 brands spanning 40 countries, the Sonepar Group delivers greater service and enhanced customer relations every day.
    • More information on Stacy Stanslaski (President, Viking Electric, Sonepar): See the full profile on EMR Executive Services
  • World Electric: + World Electric provides electrical solutions to commercial and residential contractors across Florida and Georgia.
    • World Electric Supply was started in 1999 in North Miami Beach with one location. Since then we have expanded to 16 locations throughout Florida and Georgia. If you need it, we more than likely have it in stock at one of our many facilities, ready to be delivered, when and where you specify.
    • Strength in Numbers: As strong as World Electric is in each of its given sales territories, the core foundation is even more impressive. As a part of the Global Company Sonepar, our capabilities extend well beyond our immediate geographical areas. Sonepar USA provides their operating companies with corporate support to help them make decisions every day based on their regional needs. Leveraging our strong global resource base, but retaining our family-oriented values and local autonomy, this structure allows us to always focus on the customer – our first priority.
    • Specialization – Not Generalization: Understanding that all customers are not the same and trying to please everyone with a single resource is frustrating, if not impossible. That’s why at World Electric we have incorporated a team of specialists in their respective fields to assist you in product choices. From lighting layout and design, or selecting the right tool for the job, to complicated engineering tasks, we have you covered. As factory authorized distributors for all products we carry, service is just a phone call away.
    • Facilities that Make Sense: Each and every one of our location has been built-out and designed with the mind set of “Doing it right the first time.” We work with our customers, and take into consideration what they need and require in a supplier. We realize having the products you need in stock is important. We build full size facilities that can handle your everyday needs in product availability, and people resources. Our staff of professionals are always on hand to assist you and ensure your satisfaction with each and every purchase. This is our way of saying, “Thank You For Your Business.”
    • Energy – Managing & Conserving: Everyday we are reminded of the rising costs related to energy. With each rate increase imposed by the utility companies, we watch as our daily operating costs rise. These costs translate into unexpected expenses, and affect each facility with a negative financial impact. Let our specialists help you find products and explore ideas that can help reduce, if not eliminate these costs. We keep a staff of trained professionals that are current on new technologies that will help to keep your facility operating in the most efficient manner possible. Something as simple as advice on choosing the correct lighting products, or as detailed as a thorough energy audit, we can help you save and conserve.
    • More information on Tammy Livers (President, World Electric, Sonepar): See the full profile on EMR Executive Services
      • Advance Electrical: + We are specialists at matching our service with the best contractors in our region and we pride ourselves on delivering outstanding quality, products, and support.
        • We realize we can’t be all things to all contractors and companies. We provide tremendous value to our contractors by filtering out the work that isn’t right for us. We have eliminated the need for credit managers, middle managers, and others that don’t add value to the services we provide.We in turn utilize those resources for tasks that directly impact how we service our customers.
        • Contractors say they like us because, “They treat our business with respect.”
        • We’ve grown because we know the business we are in and we know how to anticipate the changing needs of our clients and customers. We do it every day and our results are our best advertising.
        • More information on Dennis Purvis (Vice President Business Development, World Electric + Previous President, Advance Electrical, Sonepar): See the full profile on EMR Executive Services