Harju Elekter – Harju Elekter concluded an agreement in Sweden for the renewal of the distribution substation

On 21 December 2022, Harju Elekter Group’s Swedish subsidiary Harju Elekter AB signed an agreement with Gävle Energi AB, for the upgrade of the distribution substation in Gävle with accompanying rebuilding and civil works of the project by February 2024. 


The total volume of the agreement is 1.6 million euros. This is yet another larger substation project for Harju Elekter AB in Sweden. Once completed, the station will contribute to meeting the need for electrical power, both for industrial and residential users.

Gävle Energi AB is an energy company in the Gävle region, 170 km north of Stockholm, offering energy services, district heating and cooling.


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More information on Harju Elekter: https://harjuelekter.com + Harju Elekter is an international industrial group with over 50 years of experience, whose main area of activity is the development and production of electric and automation equipment.

Part of the technical solutions of Harju Elekter are aimed at the renewable energy sector, offering complete plans for solar power plants, electric vehicle charging stations, and other related solutions.

The customers of Harju Elekter are mostly large electricity distribution network, infrastructure, industrial and maritime companies in the Nordic countries.

An increasingly more significant share of the technical solutions of Harju Elekter is aimed at the renewable energy sector by offering complete packages of solar power stations, electric car charging equipment and other related solutions. The main activities are supported by the contemporary company producing sheet metal details and products.

Its factories in Estonia, Finland, Sweden, and Lithuania employ approximately 900 specialists, and the group’s revenue for 2021 was 152 million euros. The shares of Harju Elekter are listed on the Nasdaq Tallinn Stock Exchange.

More information on Tiit Atso (Chairman of the Board & CEO, AS Harju Elekter): See the full profile on EMR Executive Services

More information on Mikael Schwartz Jonsson (Managing Director, Harju Elekter AB): See the full profile on EMR Executive Services


More information on Gävle Energi AB: https://www.gavleenergi.se/ + Perhaps you already knew that we provide the Gävle region with broadband, heating and electricity from 100% renewable energy sources? But did you know that we also sponsor local associations and provide energy training for both young and old in how to make our world last longer? In addition, we support local zealots and light up the city with over 22,000 street lamps for a safer, nicer and brighter environment.

We contribute to developing Gävle into one of the best cities to live and work in. For us, it’s not just about taking responsibility for energy and infrastructure, but also about actively contributing to the region’s conditions for a sustainable society, both environmentally and socially.

The group includes the parent company Gävle Energi AB, the wholly owned subsidiary Gävle Kraftvärme AB and the subsidiaries Gävle Energisystem AB and Bionär Närvärme AB.

More information on Anders Ekman (Chairman, Gävle Energi AB): https://www.gavleenergi.se/om-oss/organisationen/

More information on Anton Holton (CEO, Gävle Energisystem, ABGävle Energi AB): https://www.linkedin.com/in/anton-holton-897737b/



EMR Additional Notes:

  • Substation:
    • A substation is a high-voltage electric system facility. It is used to switch generators, equipment, and circuits or lines in and out of a system. It also is used to change AC voltages from one level to another, and/or change alternating current to direct current or direct current to alternating current