Hager – Hager Group acquires Eficia to accelerate growth in energy management.

“Bringing together the best of two worlds, a solid global business and a highly specialised innovative energy service provider.”


Sowing the seeds for the future

The energy market is booming and the future is electric. In line with Hager Group strategy, acquiring majority stakes in Eficia will enable the group to reinforce its energy management offer, delivering energy and CO2 savings to commercial segment customers, while exploring new business models. Eficia is recognised for the uniqueness of the company’s value proposition in building energy management services and remote control. Eficia will benefit from Hager Group’s reach and expertise to accelerate growth, expand internationally and address new customers’ demands. Both companies will build on their recognised know-how to develop innovative solutions to meet customers’ energy and environmental challenges.

Daniel Hager, CEO of Hager Group: “Together with Alric Marc and the management team, we are enthusiastic and fully committed to starting a successful journey together and bring innovative solutions and services to the market. Eficia will help us to grow together to shape the electrical world of tomorrow. With Eficia we bring together the best of two worlds, a solid global business with a proven business model and a highly specialised innovative service provider.”


Created in 2013, Eficia is an innovative French company specialising in energy management via remote control services for commercial buildings. A pioneer in the energy transition market, it is the first company to have developed a global and fully integrated solutions and services capable of optimising building energy systems such as heating, ventilation, air conditioning and lighting equipment in real time thanks to intelligent algorithms. A team of energy specialists available are 24/7 to advise and optimise customers’ energy consumption and comfort.


The Eficia story

This service company was founded in Paris in 2013 by Alric Marc. Around 100 Eficia colleagues are joining Hager Group; the company is constantly expanding into the fast growing European market with its energy management services, with a current focus on France, Spain and Italy. Alric Marc, the Founder, Julien Bellynck the Managing Director and Eficia’s experts will continue their success story, together with Hager Group.

Alric Marc, CEO of Eficia comments: “It’s an important step for Eficia’s development. Our ambition was to choose an owner to support our development and share our beliefs and vision for the future. Joining Hager Group will pave the way to new growth opportunities, fed by innovative solutions to meet new energy management needs. We are fully committed to working with the group and are looking forward to joining forces to solve our customers’ most pressing energy saving needs.”


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More information on Eficia: https://eficia.com/en/ + Eficia is a young company specializing in the energy management of buildings created in 2013.

Today most players’ positioning in the energy performance market is very specific. From the beginning, EFICIA aimed to remodel the sector by developing the first 24/7 smart building solution and remains now the only one on the market that is 100% integrated to cover all the major fields of expertise in energy management. All of these are necessary to produce large-scale and sustainable energy savings.

Eficia has built its services as a construction kit to offer our varied range of clients the best experience and to answer their needs that run from the understanding of their eco-systems to the management of their energy challenges (reducing operating expenses, managing tertiary buildings, providing comfort). This innovative and virtuous approach allows us to achieve energy savings between 15 and 40% on a portfolio of more than 3000 buildings.

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  • Carbon Dioxide (CO2):
    • Primary greenhouse gas emitted through human activities. Carbon dioxide enters the atmosphere through burning fossil fuels (coal, natural gas, and oil), solid waste, trees and other biological materials, and also as a result of certain chemical reactions (e.g., manufacture of cement). Carbon dioxide is removed from the atmosphere (or “sequestered”) when it is absorbed by plants as part of the biological carbon cycle.
  • Decarbonization:
    • Reduction of carbon dioxide emissions through the use of low carbon power sources, achieving a lower output of greenhouse gasses into the atmosphere.