Hager Group – Investing in top of the range technology for Hager Group in Bischwiller, France

Hager Group

30 new injection moulding machines complete the extension to ramp up plastic parts production at the Bischwiller site


This extension and investment project was launched in July 2021.
Project conclusion is expected around September 2023 after completion of the first two stages:

First, the extension of the injection moulding workshop with new injection moulding machines.

Second, the transfer production lines from Saverne to Bischwiller.


The project in numbers:

– total budget of 15m€

– surface area of 5,500m2

– acquisition of 30 new injection moulding machines

– transfer of 15 injection moulding machines


Innovation & environment

The injection workshops are particularly innovative; the automated system to distribute the material to the new machines guarantees better flow and control of the quality of the components produced. Also, with a view to energy efficiency, the building has an optimised cooling solution, the roof incorporates new reflective materials reducing energy requirements by 10 to 30% and heatingrequirements are reduced due to the higher interior temperature from the injection process.

Hager Group 

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