ETIM – CEMBRE Joins ETIM North America

ETIM North America announced that CEMBRE,, a leading manufacturer of electrical compression connectors, terminals, identification and labeling systems, and cable glands, has joined the North American chapter of the global product classification standards organization.


Desiree Grace, President of CEMBRE Americas, commented, “As a global manufacturer, CEMBRE understands the value of a common, global, product classification model. It helps end-users and distributors in searching for products and ensuring accuracy in delivering the right information to customers to meet product specifications. Globally, our distributors are using ETIM to support their product category management initiatives.”


She further added, “For almost 25 years CEMBRE has been supporting US and Canadian distributors. Joining ETIM and helping the electrical industry move forward in its digitalization initiatives is important for all of us. We look forward to adding our product expertise wherever we can and to driving industry standardization in this important effort.”


Mary Shaw, Executive Director of ETIM North America, commented, “We welcome CEMBRE’s participation in ETIM North America and the expertise that they will contribute to various Product Expert Groups.” She added “It is important that manufacturers and distributors, of all sizes and product types support the electrical industry ecosystem’s digital transformation and actively participate in the ETIM process. ETIM North America is a collaborative process where all members are able to contribute to define product classification standards that will drive our industry forward and contribute on a global stage. We’re well on our way to completing almost 1000 product classes, enabling the model to be used for many product categories.”


To learn more about ETIM North America, its Product Expert Groups, and how manufacturers, distributors, reps, and service companies can participate, visit or contact Mary Shaw at

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More information on ETIM: + ETIM is a format to share and exchange product data based on taxonomic identification. This widely used classification standard for technical products was developed to structure the information flow between B2B professionals. The ETIM classification model was developed to meet the industry’s growing demand for a clear, discerning information structure for available technical products: ETIM allows for technical products to be classified and uniformly described by product groups, classes, synonyms, features, values and units.

With ETIM, the exchange of detailed information needed to find technical products became a reality.

ETIM stands fro Electro Technical Information Model.

More information on ETIM North America: + Based in Salt Lake City, ETIM North America is a non-profit chapter of ETIM International, responsible for the translation and adoption of the ETIM product classification model to support consistent communication of technical product information from manufacturers to end-users in the North American wholesale electrical industry and related construction and industrial sectors.

More information on Mary Shaw (Executive Director, ETIM North America): +


More information on Cembre Inc.: + Our headquarters in New Jersey serve the north american and mexican markets

Operative since March 1999, CEMBRE Inc. based in Edison, NJ, provides full stock of our products available to customers, technical assistance and repair capabilities with immediate availability of spare-parts.

Our head-office in Edison serves the North-East United States and sales engineers are present in different States.

Cembre Inc. with a sales office and large distribution warehouse in Edison NJ, and a sales office in Schaumburg, Illinois; manufactures identification and labeling solutions, terminals, power connectors, cable glands, tools, and other products for the electrical, power utility and railroad industries. Wide product range, expert and efficient international sales network and sharp focus on customer needs represent the strengths of the Cembre Group and ensure a significant competitive advantage in a continuously evolving global market. “Cembre – making the Right Connections.”

Besides the parent company Cembre SpA based in Brescia, the Group covers the commercial associated companies located in France, Spain, Germany, United States of America and United Kingdom, this latter being also a manufacturing unit.

In 1999 Oelma srl in S. Giuliano Milanese is acquired (and since 2002 it was merged within Cembre SpA).

In July 2002 General Marking srl has been constituted, a manufacturing company with operating headquarters in Bergamo, operating in the field of the industrial marking (cable markers, conductors and electrical components marking produtcs). Since 2013 General Marking srl was merged within Cembre S.p.A.

The acquisition of the IKUMA KG made in 2018 allows the Cembre GmbH to consolidate its presence in Germany.IKUMA KG in Stuttgart, operates in the German market of electrical material distributors, thus integrating Cembre GmbH’s presence on this market.IKUMA GmbH & Co. KG has been merged into CEMBRE GmbH starting from July, 1st 2020.

More information on Giovanni Rosani (Chairman and Managing Director, CEMBRE SpA): +

More information on Desiree Grace (President CEMBRE Americas, CEMBRE Group):