Emerson – Emerson Showcases Industry 4.0 and Asset Management Innovation as Gold Sponsor at MAINTCON 2022

Event raises significance of Industry 4.0 industrial innovation and technologies in maintenance, reliability, and asset management


MANAMA, Bahrain (Nov. 27, 2022) – Global software and engineering leader Emerson participates as a gold sponsor in the MAINTCON 2022 exhibition to underline the significance of Industry 4.0 and emerging technological advancements in maintenance, reliability, and asset management. The conference is being held from Nov. 27 – 30, and is one of the largest gatherings of maintenance and reliability professionals in the world.

The event theme focuses on the significance of Industry 4.0 and the accompanying technological developments that will propel the sector forward. Leaders and experts from Emerson as well as business, government and academia will provide participants with deeper insights into the economic, technological, and policy developments affecting asset management, maintenance, and reliability.

“MAINTCON is an ideal forum to strengthen the ecosystem for maintenance, reliability, and asset management and to showcase our innovation and growth strategies in technology and services,” said Joe Hoare, vice president of Emerson’s systems and software business, Middle East and Africa. “We will get the opportunity to explore potential partnerships with both public and private entities, thereby contributing to the region’s economic growth and diversification.”


MAINTCON was organised in 2010 by the Gulf Society for Maintenance and Reliability in partnership with the Bahrain Society of Engineers and has grown in importance as a major conference. Emerson’s participation in the exhibition this year paves the way for the company to develop efficient policies to facilitate the sector’s development and make it future-ready.


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More information on MAINTCON 2022 (27 to 30 November 2022 – Bahrain): https://maintcon.org/#modal-one + MAINTCON is a premier conference in the Middle East, co-organised by the Gulf Society for Maintenance & Reliability and Bahrain Society of Engineers. It has steadily grown to be one of the largest gatherings for maintenance, reliability and asset management professionals in the world with an expected attendance of over 2,000 professionals worldwide.

The 6th edition in its series, MAINTCON 2022 will be an action-packed event for every participant with various activities including an extensive technical exchange program, GSMR Excellence Award ceremony, Women in Industry & Asset management event, Innovation Corner among others. An Executive Debate with industry leaders will be a notable highlight of this edition. The technical exhibition spanning over 30,000 sq. ft., will have global exhibitors including national oil companies and global service providers.

With the theme, Industry 4.0 – Industrial Innovation & Technologies in the New Normal, the event will focus on technological advancements and digital transformation happening in the areas of maintenance, reliability and asset management. With more processes being automated than ever before, we will explore the various possibilities. MAINTCON 2022 will be the perfect platform for international and regional professionals, researchers, service providers and end users to network and share knowledge.


More information on Bahrain Society of Engineers: https://bse.bh/en/ + The Bahrain Society of Engineers was established and officially incorporated by the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs on 1st July 1972.

Roles and Responsibilities

To contribute towards the industrial development and modernization of Bahrain.

  • To enhance the standards of the engineering professional practice in cooperation with relevant authorities.
  • To express the interests and professional rights of its members.
  • To establish and promote good relationship and interaction among its members.
  • To establish and promote scientific and technical cooperation with engineers outside Bahrain.
  • To conduct and encourage scientific and engineering researches through publications, conferences, seminars, technical visits, technical competitions and exchange of information with other engineering societies and organizations.
  • To provide arbitrators and expert witnesses in matters related to engineering.
  • To promote training and professional development.
  • To maintain and promote the ethics of professional practice.


More information on Gulf Society for Maintenance and Reliability (GSMR): https://gsmrgulf.org/ + In early 2008, 26 maintenance professionals from major companies in the Arabian Gulf identified the need for an entity to represent maintenance and reliability professionals from different industries in the region. They came together and founded Gulf Society of Maintenance Professionals (GSMP), which later transformed into Gulf Society for Maintenance & Reliability (GSMR).



EMR Additional Notes:

  • Industry 4.0:
    • Industry 4.0 has been defined as “a name for the current trend of automation and data exchange in manufacturing technologies, including cyber-physical systems, the Internet of things, cloud computing and cognitive computing and creating the smart factory”
    • Industry 4.0 aims at transforming the manufacturing and engineering sectors by introducing factories where cyber-processing systems communicate over the Internet of Things, assisting people and machinery to execute their tasks within the shortest time possible.
    • Industry 4.0 technology helps you manage and optimize all aspects of your manufacturing processes and supply chain. It gives you access to the real-time data and insights you need to make smarter, faster decisions about your business, which can ultimately boost the efficiency and profitability of your entire operation.
    • The Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) is a term coined in 2016 by Klaus Schwab, Founder and Executive Chairman of the World Economic Forum (WEF).
    • 4 Industrial Revolutions:
      • First Industrial Revolution: Coal in 1765.
      • Second Industrial Revolution: Gas in 1870.
      • Third Industrial Revolution: Electronics and Nuclear in 1969.
      • Fourth Industrial Revolution: Internet and Renewable Energy in 2000.
    • The Fifth Industrial Revolution, or 5IR, encompasses the notion of harmonious human–machine collaborations, with a specific focus on the well-being of the multiple stakeholders (i.e., society, companies, employees, customers)
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  • Asset Management:
    • Asset management is a systematic approach to the governance and realization of value from the things that a group or entity is responsible for, over their whole life cycles. It may apply both to tangible assets and to intangible assets