AD – OmniCable Opens New Supercenter in Reno

AD - Affiliated Distributor

OmniCable, headquartered in West Chester, Pa., is excited to announce that its newest supercenter in Reno, NV, is open for business.


Reno is OmniCable’s second supercenter, the first opening in Chicago in 2022. OmniCable’s supercenters are large facilities with vast amounts of aluminum, cord, and additional commercial inventory, in addition to providing distributors with one order, one shipment, and one invoice.

“We continue to invest in people and facilities necessary to support distributors,” said Tom Bisson, OmniCable’s Western & National Accounts Regional Vice President. “On top of our local next-day distribution centers in Hayward, CA; Norwalk, CA; Kent, WA and Denver, CO, we have opened a 266,000-square-foot supercenter in Reno to accommodate the growth of our partners.”


The supercenter has 19 dock doors and offers distributors paralleling and respooling services, as well over $65M of wire and cable and electrical products. In addition, Reno provides will-call opportunities and same-day shipping for local distributors.

“With the supply chain issues and reliability of our customer’s current suppliers, we have invested in this facility to support their monthly stock purchases of aluminum, portable cord, and other commercial product lines. The supercenter also has a suite of project management services to support our clients with their wire & cable project requirements,” said Bisson.


The Reno supercenter is located at 1500 Waltham Way, Suite 1, McCarran, NV 89434. To reach the Reno supercenter, please call 775-834-0707.

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