Advantage through knowledge

EMR Euro Marketing + Research is a service company that has specialized in analytics, transactions and strategy consulting in the global electrical industry for many years. This has resulted in a broad range of services for all companies in the industry (manufacturers, wholesalers and institutions).

Competence from experience

After studying business management and marketing Wolfgang Jauch worked in a variety of positions in the electrical industry, including several years in Switzerland, France and the United Kingdom. From 1972 to 1995 he was Export Manager in one of Germany's leading electrical companies.

In 1995 Wolfgang Jauch founded the company EMR Euro Marketing + Research. The survey "Structures and Interrelationships of the international electrical wholesale trade", published for the first time in the same year, has given EMR wide international recognition. Numerous publications on the topic of "Internationalization of the electrical wholesaling industry" use the EMR surveys as a reference. For many well-known companies in Germany and abroad, these surveys have long since become the standard work in the area of ​​key account management and field service management.

The current issues include research in 25 European countries with names and full addresses of distributors and institutions. The marketing associations are specially listed with their members in the different countries.

The survey is available on CD or USB stick and you can choose between five issues, depending on which countries you want to focus your marketing efforts. Either the complete work or four partial editions.

Europe with a total volume of around EUR 50 billion
A detailed look at Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, United Kingdom, Ireland, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia, Slovenia and Croatia helps you with your sales planning.

After a long period of research, our RUSSIA survey has recently been published and is an excellent addition to our EUROPE survey; so you now have everything and can start promoting your products in 26 countries.

You can download sample pages from the current Europe-survey right here, for sample pages of our Russia-survey, please click here.


Since 1999 our industry newsletter "electro-insider" has been published specifically for the international electrical industry. Weekly reports on acquisitions, trends, economic indices, industry ratios and sales, strategies of manufacturers and wholesalers in Europe and overseas are published in German and English. You get all the news, facts and information specific to your industry, markets and competitors. An ideal supplement to the survey.