The EMR surveys in overview

Markets in focus

The modern business world requires companies to act and think on a global scale, and this is especially true of the electrical wholesale trade. Companies carry out acquisitions and mergers as part of their everyday business. The time is long past when globalisation was just the concern of a few big multinationals – now it affects every company with an eye to the future.

The EMR surveys guide you safely through the ever-growing maze of structures and interdependencies of the international electrical wholesale trade.


Europe survey editions

As an alternative to the complete work, which now comprises two large binders, you have the choice among four part editions according to which countries you want to be the focus of your marketing attention.

  • Europe complete
    This gives a detailed look at 25 European countries. ln-depth information about a market with a combined annual turnover of around EUR 45 bn, plus all the facts and figures on wholesale groups and their subsidiaries, purchasing and/or marketing associations along with independent wholesalers.

  • Europe A
    This survey deals with Germany as the most important electrical wholesale market in Europe with a volume of approx. EUR 8 bn. It includes all the wholesale groups which are represented in most of Germany’s federal states. In addition to this there are surveys on the Austrian and Swiss markets in this edition.

  • Europe B
    One topic is the market in France, where the largest groups in the industry are represented all over the country. In addition to this there are Portugal, Spain and Italy, in the latter two of which purchasing associations have an especially strong position, having around 70% of the wholesalers under their wing. Finally, the market conditions in the Benelux countries are investigated.

  • Europe C
    One focal point here is the Scandinavian countries with their dense branch network and the high involvement of the electrical wholesale trade which this entails. Other investigation projects are the United Kingdom with its variety of purchasing associations and the Republic of Ireland.

  • Europe D
    Here the Baltic States and the Central and Eastern European countries of Poland, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia, Slovenia and Croatia are in the limelight. Nine relatively ’young‘ markets displaying interesting structures and offering new chances after necessary consolidation phases.