Sonepar / Rexel – Sonepar has completed the acquisition of Rexel’s operations in Spain and Portugal. - EMR Online AG

Sonepar / Rexel – Sonepar has completed the acquisition of Rexel’s operations in Spain and Portugal.

Sonepar completed the acquisition of Rexel’s operations in Spain (approximately 140 million euros in sales, 440 employees and 45 branches) and Portugal (approximately 30 million euros in sales, 120 employees and 15 branches). 

Thanks to this acquisition, Sonepar will re-establish its commercial presence in Portugal and reinforce its presence in Spain (where the Group already has a network of 108 branches).

This acquisition is another step in Sonepar’s ambition to remain the world leader in electrical distribution B2B, serving customers with an Omni channel experience, promoting best-in-class sustainability and ensuring employees a working environment diverse and inclusive.

“It is an exciting milestone that further signifies our commitment to continue to grow our business. I look forward to welcoming the Rexel Spain and Rexel Portugal team at Sonepar and leverage the strengths of our operations to expand our
business opportunities”, commented Patrick Salvadori, President of Western Europe and South America at Sonepar.

Rexel Spain and Portugal will switch to the Sonepar brand within six months.

The transaction received approval from the Spanish Competition Authority.

EMR Analysis

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More information on Guillaume Texier (CEO, Rexel): See the full profile on EMR Executive Services


More information on Rexel Spain: +

  • 46 Points of sale
  • 14.000 References in permanent stock
  • 15.000 Customers
  • 1.000 providers
  • 10.000 m2 for material storage
  • 500 Employees

More information on Marc Schoettel (CEO Rexel Spain, Rexel): See the full profile on EMR Executive Services


More information on Rexel Portugal: + 36 years of Rexel in Portugal

  • 1985: Acquisition of Mectel, Lda.
  • 1995: Acquisition of Somil, SA | Merger with Mectel, Lda. | Creation of Mectel, SA
  • 1997: Acquisition of Tecnitel, Lda.
  • 2001: Acquisition of Seivil Lda. and Jemilux, Ltd. | Merger of Mectel SA and Tecnitel Lda. | Creation of Rexel SA
  • 2002: Opening of the Logistic Center in Montijo
  • 2006: Launch of PromoXL, the biggest promotion in electrical equipment
  • 2007: Launch of E-commerce, the first online ordering platform in the Portuguese market
  • 2008: Opening of stores in Gaia and Viseu
  • 2009: Headquarters move to Lisbon (Parque das Nações)
  • 2010: Renovation of the Torres Vedras store
  • 2011: Change of premises of the Póvoa de Santo Arião store
  • 2012: Change of premises of the Forte da Casa store
  • 2013: Change of premises of the Abóboda store
  • 2014: Creation of the Rex&Go Service
  • 2015: Organization of the first edition of ExpoRexel with 52 manufacturers and more than 3,000 visitors
  • 2016: Organization of the Rexel SHow action in the 16 stores
  • 2017: Organization of the second edition of ExpoRexel
  • 2018: Launch of the Ecommerce 2.0 ordering platform | Renovation of the Seixal store
  • 2019: Launch of the Online Store
  • 2020: Launch of the Click & Collect service, with collection in 1 hour, in all Rexel stores
  • 2021: Implementation of EDI with customers and suppliers

More information on Carlos Teles (Managing Director Rexel Portugal, Rexel): See the full profile on EMR Executive Services


More information on Sonepar: See the full profile on EMR Executive Services

More information on Philippe Delpech (CEO, Sonepar): See the full profile on EMR Executive Services

More information on Patrick Salvadori (President Western Europe & South America, Sonepar): See the full profile on EMR Executive Services

More information on Jean-Cyrille Verspieren (President Sonepar Ibérica): See full profile on EMR Executive Services

More information on Sonepar Ibérica: + Founded in 1986, Sonepar Ibérica is the leading company in the B-to-B distribution of electrical equipment and related solutions in Spain. We have more than 108 branches spread throughout the Spanish region and have seven OpCos: AME, Dielectro Balear, Dielectro Canarias, Dielectro Industrial, Dimel, Guerin and Hispanofil. We offer our clients integral solutions and services in our business areas: Industry, Lighting, Telecom & Data, Cable, Medium Voltage, Security & EPIS, Building Automation & Domotics, Air Conditioning, Electric Vehicle, Renewable and Sanitary Energies and Plumbing.​

In 2021, Sonepar Ibérica grew by 20% to € 517M with 108 points of sales, 1,400 employees and 5 logistic centers.

  • Ame Material Electrico: + AME Almacén Material Eléctrico was founded on January 1th of 2000 with the merger of three companies: Comercial Antonio Chust S.A. (1925), Electro-Durá S.A. (1963) y Suministros Eléctricos Ferrer S.A. (1978). In 2011, AME Material Eléctrico joined Sonepar Ibérica. Ame the leader in the Levante area of Spain. Currently, it has 24 branches where more than 330 people work.  Also, it has + 30,000 items in stock.
  • Dielectro Balear: + The company joins Sonepar Ibérica in 2016, being leaders in the market for the distribution of electrical equipment in the Balearic archipelago. This company was born in 1951 as part of the national Dielectro group until 1991, which continues its work under the name of Dielectro Balear. Currently, Dielectro Balear has 5 delegations and more than 110 people working in them. In their warehouses they have more than 13,000 items in stock.
  • Dielectro Canarias: + Joins Sonepar Ibérica in 1992. Dielectro Canarias is a leader in the Canary archipelago. Nowdays the 7 Branches of this OPCO  and the 60 professionals of Dielectro Canarias cover the entire Canary territory, offering a product offer and a quality of service that place it among the most important companies in the sector in the Canary archipelago with More than 13,000 items in stock.
  • Dielectro Industrial: + It was founded in 1951 and since those days provides products and services to the Electricity, HVAC, Industry, Energy, Infrastructure and ICT markets.
    Dielectro Industrial joined Sonepar Ibérica in 2015, being leaders in Galicia. Currently has 19 branches, a team of almost 250 people and a stock of +50,000 items in their warehouse.
  • Dimel: + Dimel joins Sonepar Ibérica in 2007. Dimel Castilla is leaders in the Community of Madrid and is gaining presence in Extremadura, Spain. Dimel has 6 branches, with a team of 100 people and more than 15,000 items in stock.
    Dimel began his career in 1982, in a small place located in a central area of the Madrid town of Leganés. Dimel Castilla is the Opco with which the Sonepar Group operates in the central area of the national territory. In 2019, it changes its commercial name to Dimel and launches to open new branches in the province of Extremadura.
  • Guerin: + It´s the first company who joined the Sonepar Iberian family in 1896. Guerin is a leader in Catalonia and Andalusia with 30 branches spread across diverse communities. We have more than 400 people are part of Guerin. In their warehouses, have more than 60,000 items in stock.
  • Hispanofil: + Hispanofil was founded in Bilbao in 1981 and joined Sonepar Ibérica in 1989. Currently, with Hispanofil, it´s a leader in the central and northern part of Spain. The company has 24 branches in Spain, more than 200 people and a stock of more than 30,000 items.
  • Sonibética: + In compare the rest of Sonepar Ibérica´s companies, Sonibética doesn´t distribute electrical equipment. It´s the company that is responsible for offering support to the rest of Opcos de Sonepar Ibérica.
    It has a staff of professionals who support IT, accounting, human resources and product management areas of all subsidiary companies. In this sense, Sonibética has offices in Leganés, Barcelona, Valencia, Burgos, A Coruña and Palma de Mallorca.

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