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Advantage through knowledge

EMR Euro Marketing + Research is a service provider specializing in the international electrical industry.

The survey »Structures and Interdependencies in the international electrical wholesale trade«, which first appeared in 1995, has brought EMR widespread international recognition. The current issues today comprise investigations in 25 European countries. Countless publications on the subject of »Globalization of the electrical wholesale trade« make reference to the EMR surveys. For a number of well-known companies at home and abroad these surveys have long since become a standard reference work in the fields of sales planning and key account management.

»electrical-business-news« has been appearing since 1999, a trade newsletter especially about and for the international electrical industry. Every 3 weeks takeovers, trends, business indices, performance and turnover figures for the industry and strategies of manufacturers and wholesalers in Europe and overseas are reported, in German and English.

For many years EMR has provided analysis, transactions and strategy consultation for the worldwide electrical industry. This has given rise to a wide range of services for companies operating in and around the industry (manufacturers, wholesalers and institutions).

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