The ultimate job producer

Electro-match is a service of EMR Euro Marketing + Research, which deals exclusively with the placement of jobs in the electrical industry, both nationally and internationally.

  • Only for professionals in the industry
  • Ads on attractive terms
  • Advertisement in the weekly newsletter possible

Your advantages

There are many job portals, but they differ from electro-match in that you can only book and find ads from the international electrical industry. And ours is the only portal which addresses the middle and top management level in the international electrical industry. The immense advantage for you is that we address a large number of people in the entire electrical industry in many countries through our newsletter electro-insider, so that ideally you do not have to explain what marketing/buying associations do and who are the big players in electrical wholesaling. This has an effect on the training period and thus on efficiency for your company. From the beginning you have a "professional" whose background can make him/her a great asset to your company in the competition for markets and market shares.

Since most visitors to our website are usually qualified employees, the chances of welcoming the right "new colleague" will soon increase.

360,- € plus VAT
  • 30 days duration
  • Date refreshed after 15 days
  • Text layout with logo


  • Duration extendable by 30 days
  • Highlighted in the results list
580, - € plus VAT


  • Duration extendable by 30 days
  • Highlighted in the results list
Premium Plus
730,- € plus VAT


  • Duration extendable by 30 days
  • Highlighted in the results list

Your new employee

You have your job advertisements on your website. This is all very well, but no specific person ready for a change will be aware that you have their dream job waiting for them. It is only if they explicitly look for job offers on your website that they will become aware of your advert. But job adverts are often not very prominently displayed, making them hard to find.

At electro-match you address people who otherwise can only be reached at great expense. By the additional application of job-offers in our newsletter, will give you another opportunity to disseminate your offer.

Recruit now at minimal cost – worldwide

With our website, you can reach prospective candidates from your industry at minimal cost from all over your country and the continent. Just think what you need to invest to attract people to the electrical industry in every country in Europe. It's almost beyond belief.

relevant target group

...only for professionals in the industry

Wide range

...possible advertisement in the weekly newsletter

minimal costs

...and a high return on investment (ROI)