Market China

Through various trips to the People's Republic of China, we have gained valuable insights into economic life, especially of course in the electrical industry.

China's Xi promises an open market

"We are sincerely committed to opening the Chinese market," said President Xi Jinping at the inauguration of the China Import and Export Fair in October 2018 in Canton.

Xi promised to lower costs to importers and improve purchasing power.

China is the most populated state in Asia, with 1.4 billion people, or 20% of the world's population. Xi's government is also aware that there will be a growing consumer market that needs to be promoted in the future.

Market of the future China

In order to operate in China, you do not necessarily have to establish your own company in the Middle Kingdom, but you should already be known a bit, because Chinese business people want to know, who they are doing business with.

Plus points with EMR:

  • We offer you the platform and publish your banners in Chinese or in English at least on our website.
  • There you will be permanently on view, and perhaps this may be the first step into a new market.

We constantly stay in contact with our customers (no purchased addresses!!), so that you are only seen by companies in the electrical industry (manufacturers, dealers, institutions).


China is already a major trading partner today and will become even more important in the future in every respect. The ZVEI (Germany’s electrical and electronic manufacturers' association) itself wrote on 1.3.2018 that the German electrical industry’s largest buyer in 2017 was again China , with industry exports to the Middle Kingdom increasing by 17.4% to EUR 19.1 bn (USD 21.9 bn) .

Company activities

Significant companies such as ABB, OBO Bettermann, Hager, HellermannTyton, Legrand, Schneider Electric, Zumtobel, to name just a few well-known names, have recognized this for some time and are involved with their own companies or trading partners in China.

EMR activities

For our latest electrical survey, with the addresses of more than 10,000 electrical wholesalers from 25 European countries, we have received a surprisingly large amount of interest from the Chinese industry, so we are now offering our products in this market as well.
From now on, we will be presenting our survey and services to a larger audience with the help of our newsletter "electro-insider"; which is why the news from the worldwide electrical industry no longer appears only in German and English, but also in the Chinese language. Of course, many of the business people speak English, but not everyone.